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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 04 Pauree 3-4

Awid AMiq jo rwKnhwru ]

aad ant jo raakhanhaar.

From beginning to end, He is our Protector,

 iqs isau pRIiq n krY gvwru ]

tis si-o pareet na karai gavaar.

and yet, the ignorant do not give their love to Him.

 jw kI syvw nv iniD pwvY ]

jaa kee sayvaa nav niDh paavai.

Serving Him, the nine treasures are obtained,

 qw isau mUVw mnu nhI lwvY ]

taa si-o moorhaa man nahee laavai.

and yet, the foolish do not link their minds with Him.

 jo Twkuru sd sdw hjUry ]

jo thaakur sad sadaa hajooray.

Our Lord and Master is Ever-present, forever and ever,

 qw kau AMDw jwnq dUry ]

taa ka-o anDhaa jaanat dooray.

and yet, the spiritually blind believe that He is far away.

 jw kI thl pwvY drgh mwnu ]

jaa kee tahal paavai dargeh maan.

In His service, one obtains honor in the Court of the Lord,

 iqsih ibswrY mugDu Ajwnu ]

tiseh bisaarai mugaDh ajaan.

and yet, the ignorant fool forgets Him.

 sdw sdw iehu BUlnhwru ]

sadaa sadaa ih bhoolanhaar.

Forever and ever, this person makes mistakes;

 nwnk rwKnhwru Apwru ]3]

naanak raakhanhaar apaar. ||3||

O Nanak, the Infinite Lord is our Saving Grace. ||3||

 rqnu iqAwig kaufI sMig rcY ]

ratan ti-aag ka-udee sang rachai.

Forsaking the jewel, they are engrossed with a shell.

 swcu Coif JUT sMig mcY ]

saach chhod jhooth sang machai.

They renounce Truth and embrace falsehood.

 jo Cfnw su AsiQru kir mwnY ]

jo chhadnaa so asthir kar maanai.

That which passes away, they believe to be permanent.

 jo hovnu so dUir prwnY ]

jo hovan so door paraanai.

That which is immanent, they believe to be far off.

 Coif jwie iqs kw sRmu krY ]

chhod jaa-ay tis kaa saram karai.

They struggle for what they must eventually leave.

 sMig shweI iqsu prhrY ]

sang sahaa-ee tis parharai.

They turn away from the Lord, their Help and Support, who is always with them.

 cMdn lypu auqwrY Doie ]

chandan layp utaarai Dho-ay.

They wash off the sandalwood paste;

 grDb pRIiq Bsm sMig hoie ]

garDhab pareet bhasam sang ho-ay.

like donkeys, they are in love with the mud.

 AMD kUp mih piqq ibkrwl ]

anDh koop meh patit bikraal.

They have fallen into the deep, dark pit.

 nwnk kwiF lyhu pRB dieAwl ]4]

naanak kaadh layho parabh da-i-aal. ||4||

Nanak: lift them up and save them, O Merciful Lord God! ||4||


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