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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 05 Pauree 5-6

imiQAw sRvn pr inMdw sunih ]

mithi-aa sarvan par nindaa suneh.

False are the ears which listen to the slander of others.

 imiQAw hsq pr drb kau ihrih ]

mithi-aa hasat par darab ka-o hireh.

False are the hands which steal the wealth of others.

 imiQAw nyqR pyKq pr iqRA rUpwd ]

mithi-aa naytar paykhat par tari-a roopaad.

False are the eyes which gaze upon the beauty of another’s wife.

 imiQAw rsnw Bojn An sÍwd ]

mithi-aa rasnaa bhojan an savaad.

False is the tongue which enjoys delicacies and external tastes.

 imiQAw crn pr ibkwr kau Dwvih ]

mithi-aa charan par bikaar ka-o Dhaaveh.

False are the feet which run to do evil to others.

 imiQAw mn pr loB luBwvih ]

mithi-aa man par lobh lubhaaveh.

False is the mind which covets the wealth of others.

 imiQAw qn nhI praupkwrw ]

mithi-aa tan nahee par-upkaaraa.

False is the body which does not do good to others.

 imiQAw bwsu lyq ibkwrw ]

mithi-aa baas layt bikaaraa.

False is the nose which inhales corruption.

 ibnu bUJy imiQAw sB Bey ]

bin boojhay mithi-aa sabh bha-ay.

Without understanding, everything is false.

 sPl dyh nwnk hir hir nwm ley ]5]

safal dayh naanak har har naam la-ay. ||5||

Fruitful is the body, O Nanak, which takes to the Lord’s Name. ||5||

 ibrQI swkq kI Awrjw ]

birthee saakat kee aarjaa.

The life of the faithless cynic is totally useless.

 swc ibnw kh hovq sUcw ]

saach binaa kah hovat soochaa.

Without the Truth, how can anyone be pure?

 ibrQw nwm ibnw qnu AMD ]

birthaa naam binaa tan anDh.

Useless is the body of the spiritually blind, without the Name of the Lord.

 muiK Awvq qw kY durgMD ]

mukh aavat taa kai durganDh.

From his mouth, a foul smell issues forth.

 ibnu ismrn idnu rYin ibRQw ibhwie ]

bin simran din rain baritha bihaa-ay.

Without the remembrance of the Lord, day and night pass in vain,

 myG ibnw ijau KyqI jwie ]

maygh binaa ji-o khaytee jaa-ay.

like the crop which withers without rain.

 goibd Bjn ibnu ibRQy sB kwm ]

gobid bhajan bin barithay sabh kaam.

Without meditation on the Lord of the Universe, all works are in vain,

 ijau ikrpn ky inrwrQ dwm ]

ji-o kirpan kay niraarath daam.

like the wealth of a miser, which lies useless.

 DMin DMin qy jn ijh Git bisE hir nwau ]

Dhan Dhan tay jan jih ghat basi-o har naa-o.

Blessed, blessed are those, whose hearts are filled with the Name of the Lord.

 nwnk qw kY bil bil jwau ]6]

naanak taa kai bal bal jaa-o. ||6||

Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them. ||6||


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