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Sikh Calendar

The Sikh Calendar: Baramaha: Pokhi


In Pokhi, the snow falls and the sap of the forest and grass dries up. 0 Lord, why comest Thou not ? Thou abidest within my soul, body and mouth. God, the Life of the world is permeating my mind and body. Through the Guru’s word, enjoy I His Love. The Lord’s Light is contained in the egg-born, the foetusborn, the sweat-born, the earth-born and all the hearts. O Lord of compassion, the Beneficent one, bless me with Thy vision and grant me understanding, that I may obtain salvation. Nãnak, with love and pleasure, God, the Enjoyer enjoys the bride, who bears Him love and affection.

Painting Copyright 2003 © Devender Singh.


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