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Sikh Calendar

The Sikh Calendar: Baramaha:Vaisakh

Pleasant is Vaisakhu, when the tree bough adorns itself anew. The bride is anxious to see God at her door, Come my love, come. Take Thou pity on me. Come home, 0 my Beloved and ferry me across the difficult world ocean. Without Thee I am not worth even a shell. Who can appraise my worth, if I please Thee I see Thee and show Thee to others, 0 my Love, 0 Lord, I know Thee not afar, I believe Thee to be within me and realise I Thine presence. Nãnak, whosoever obtains the Lord in Vaisakhu; His soul is satiated with the Name’s meditation.

Painting Copyright 2003 © Devender Singh.


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