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Sikh Ceremonies

The Sikh Ceremonies: Dastar Bandhi

Dastar Bandhi

In many families, when a boy reaches a certain age (usually eleven to sixteen), he is taken to a Gurudwaras and there, in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib and following Ardas, his first turban is ceremonially tied on by the Granthi or by a Sikh elder. This ceremony designates the respect with which the turban is regarded. It is usually attended by many family members and friends.

The Turban is such a crucial article of faith that many Sikhs consider it to be more important that all the other Ks. Turbans may be of any color, and is tied in many different ways and styles.

Normally older people tend to wear white turbans thus reflecting their acquired wisdom. Saffron and deep blue are the colors of battle. In modern society, the color of the turban is irrelevant.

The Sikhs tie turban for the first time on the head of a child in presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. At the age of about five years, the ceremony of Dastar Sajauni (tying of turban) is performed for male children Either an Akhand Path or Khulla Path is performed to celebrate “Dastar Sajauni” ceremony in presence of the Sangat. This ceremony is not performed by all the Sikhs.

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