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Sikh Principles

Naam Japna

Nam Japna (Meditation or contemplation on the Name of God)

Nam Simran is the only way to attain unity with God. Guru Nanak Dev established God’s golden rules for leading a pure and pious life. He preached the concepts by practically enforcing them in his life first.

A great stress is given on Nam Simran in Sikhism. A Sikh is required to lead a virtuous, pure and pious life. This virtue can be attained by always remembering and repeating name of God with full concentration, breath by breath. Nam will create love and affection for all those who are created by God. It is strongly believed that a pious person would be compassionate and contended. He will aspire to serve the needy. He will have no enmity with any one as he knows that God lives in every human being. Hurting of humanity would hurt God. So serve His Creation to serve God and remember Name of God day and night. The mortal can attain God by living in Him, by dying in Him, by Naming Him and in loving Him

Sikhism believes in worshipping One God (Puja Akal Ki) who lives every where and in hearts of all. Every Sikh is required to worship Shabad and adore God’s Name. The Name of God washes away the dirt of mind. Sikhism believes in observance of both Bani and Bana.

Higher truth is not experienced through the normal process by an average person. Higher truth is not mere fantasy or hallucination of philosophical speculation that comes into the mind of a person but it is in fact an experience undergone through practice of psychosomatic discipline, Simran and regulated Saadhna.

“Recognize thyself
O’ vicious mammon worshipper recognize thy origin. This body is made from blood and semen and shall be taken to fire. According to true mark on the brow (fate), the body is in the power of breath.”
swkq inrguixAwirAw Awpxw mUlu pCwxu ]
rkqu ibMdu kw iehu qno AgnI pwis iprwxu ]
pvxY kY vis dyhurI msqik scu nIswxu ]

Sikhs are directed to concentrate their minds on God, to reflect on God’s virtues such as love, benevolence, and kindness. Sikhs practice this to inculcate such virtues into their own character. This can be done by reciting Gurbani, by listening to the singing of hymns from Gurbani, or by sitting in a quiet place and attentively thinking of God, forgetting all else.

Through this constant meditation, and not simply the repeating of a mantra, Sikhs develop a feeling of affection and love for humanity. Such a person does not merely talk about the brotherhood of humanity but actually tries to feel it continuously throughout their life. The thought of being a member of this human family becomes stronger and stronger and soon this fact is reflected in the daily behavior of the devotee. Such a Sikh derives immense pleasure and satisfaction by observing the presence of God in every human being.

This achievement or realization changes the thinking and behavior of such persons and instead of hurting others, they enjoy utilizing their life serving society. They cannot think of doing any act to harm others, because they "see" the living God inside every human being. This is why Nam is given the highest priority in the Sikh faith.

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