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A Muslim Pir Redeemed

A Muslim Pir Redeemed

After turning Sajjan the deceiver into a devotee of the Lord, Guru Nanak Dev Ji set on his journey once again. Guru ji travelled for three days and reached a village. A Pir (Muslim holy man) was harassing the people of that village. He did not allow them to build rooms on their first floors. The Guru camped under a tree outside the village. When the Guru sang hymns the people of the village were fascinated and came to listen to the divine music. They felt that they had been blessed. The presence of Guru ji in the village irritated the Pir. His sense of pride was injured. He came to the Guru and said, “The wind blows from one direction and moves to the other. God has ordained that I should roam like the wind”. The Pir again said, ” I hear, you intend to build a room on the first floor? Do you?” “A wandering hermit” the Guru said, “Lives in the mansion of God. I do not know whether I shall build a room or demolish one”. The Guru told the Pir, “Man is made of clay. Therefore he loves it. Soul resides in human body. This is why our body has some worth. But we neither love our soul nor value it. We love that which does not last”.

Guru ji continued, “Why are you proud of your attic? When you breathe your last and the soul leaves your body and none shall allow you to reside in it. They won’t even allow you to live on the earth. A deep grave shall be dug to bury your dead body. You have never tried to know how shall your soul enter the presence of God ? Of what value shall your pride be to you after your death ? Those who love clay are claimed by it”.

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s words were full of love, wisdom and truth. The Pir felt enlightened. He felt that the light of true knowledge had illumined his mind. He realised that he had been following a wrong path. He requested the Guru to stay in the village for a few days. In fact he had come to turn the Guru out of the village. But he became his devotee. Guru Nanak stayed there for some more days. The Pir was a haughty man. By the grace of Guru Nanak he gave up his pride. He understood the real meanings of life. In the company of the Guru he realised, “All men are created by God. All human beings are His children. He who loves God can never trouble his fellow men. God can never be happy with those who make human beings unhappy”.

Just as Sajjan Thug (the deceiver), had become a true devotee of God and a servant of mankind, this Pir who used to frighten and harass other people, became a true Pir.

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