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Guru Stories:Chhote Sahibzade’s Pictorial


Chhote Sahibzade’s Pictorial

As soon as the two Sahibzadas attained martyrdom Mata Gujri Ji, who was sitting in meditation in the tower, breathed her last. The messenger who came with the news of the martyrdom of the Sahibzadas found that Mata-Ji had already attained salvation.
There was great commotion in the town of Sirhind. Every one was furious at the atrocious crime. They were unanimous in their view that this heinous act would herald the doomsday of the Moghul Empire. They admired the courage and steadfastness of the brave sons of Guru Gobind Singh and remarked, What determination at this young age! They did not budge an inch from their position in spite of several allurements by the Nawab and Qazi.

The same evening Dewan Todar Mal, a jeweller reached Nawab Wazir Khan’s court for permission to cremate the dead bodies of the two Sahibzadas & Mata Gujri. The Nawab agreed on condition that the Dewan paid for the required piece of land by spreading as many gold coins as would cover the entire spot. The Dewan accepted the terms and brought bagfuls of gold coins. He marked the site and spread coins on the entire piece of land he selected for cremation.
The two martyred young sons of Guru Gobind Singh were cremated with full honours along with their grand mother.There is no parallel to the martyrdom of such young boys in the annals of human history. Sahibzada Fateh Singh was less than six years old (born 1699) and Sahibzada Zorawar Singh just over eight (born in 1696). They laid down their lives in December 1704. They were bricked upalive but did not bow before the tyranny of the Moghul government.





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