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Guru Stories:Mata Sahib Kaur The Mother of Khalsa

Mâta Sahib Kaur The Mother of Khãlsa  

Guru Gobind Singh recited the sacred hymns and churned the holy mint at Anandpur Sãhib on March 30, 1699, as he prepared to initiate the Khalsã. His Mahal, Mata Sahib Kaur, poured sugar-plum into the vessel. By this gesture. the symbolized the humility and sweetness which were to be the essential traits of  the martial order of the Khalsà. Matà Sàhib Kaur was designated by Guru Gobind Singh the mother
of the Khalsa Panth and she guided from Delhi its affairs after the Guru’s passing away, at Nader, on October , 1708.


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