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Guru Stories:Gharib Dã Muh – Guru Ki Golak


Gharib Dã Muh – Guru Ki Golak


The Sikhs in order to have darshan and blessings used to visit Guru Hargobind Sahib. And, also desired to offer some gift to the Guru. Once, the leader of sangat offered honey as a gift, which the Guru Sahib declined to accept, saying, I had asked for the same on the way and you refused. This shocked the Sikh and soon after the honey had become unfit for human consumption. The Sikh begged fur enlightenment. Guru Sahib told him by pointing towards Bhai Kattu, the poor Sikh, who was hungry and was refused when requested for the honey while accompanying the sangat Guru Sahib further enlightened him, saying, "Gharib Da Muh – Guru Ki Golak.



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