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Guru Stories:Rangreta : Guru Kã Beta


Rangreta : Guru Kã Beta  



Guru Tegh Bahadur made the supreme sacrifice to protect the religious freedom of oppressed Kashmiri Pandits. Guru Tegh Bahadur’s head was severed from his body by the executor at Chandani Chowk, Delhi in 1675 A.D. There was great consternation and confusion. At that time, Bhai Jaita, a devoted Sikh came forward and picked up Guru’s severed head swiftly, covered it respecthilly and slipped out of the crowd. He struggled hard and managed to reach Anandpur Sahib and laid the sacred head respectfully in front of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708 A.I).). The Guru embraced Bhai Jaita and said RANGRETA – GURU KA BETA: Rangreta is the son of the Guru.



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