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Langar Bhai Nand Lal

Langar Bhai Nand Lal

Institution of langar is an integral part of Sikh tradition. All the Gurus gave great importance to it and made langar the joint responsibility of the Sikh community so that every body is served food without any discrimination. During Gurus period langar was also served at the homes of Sikhs. Such langars were run at Anandpur Sahib during the time of Guru Gobind Singh where all the visitors were supposed to be served even at odd hours.
One day Guru Sahib personally inspected all the 1angars and found langar run by Bhai Nand Lal the most well maintained where Langar was available to the pilgrimage at all the hours. Guru Sãhib found that no hungry person was ever sent back at any hour. Bhai Nand Lali was a great Sikh theologian and an eminent poet. He was infact the Poet Laureate at Guru Gobind Singh’s Darbãr.


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