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Learn Punjabi : Vowels ‘Bihaaree’


‘Bihaaree’ gives the sound of ‘ee’ as in ‘beef’ and ‘reel’. The sign of ‘Bihaaree’ has to be put after the consonant.

‘Bihaaree’ vaaley Lafaz (Words with ‘Bihaaree’)

Consonants and vowels Punjabi word Transliteration Meaning
       TEER arrow
       NEER water
       VEER brother/brave
       SEES head
       HEEN* inferior
       KEET insect
       GEET song
       NEECH low/vile/mean
       NEEJH sharp look
       PEERH pain/ache

More words with ‘bihaaree’


courtesy: Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’


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