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Learn Punjabi : Words with ‘Laanvaan’


‘Laanvaan‘ (also known as ‘Laan‘) gives the sound as ‘a’ in ‘sale’ or ‘pale’. It is written above the consonant. For transliteration, ‘E’ has been used for ‘Laanvaan‘.

‘Laanvaan‘ vaaley Lafaz (Words with ‘Laanvaan‘)

Consonants and vowels Punjabi word Transliteration Meaning
                    TEL Oil
                    NEK Good
                    VEKH Look / See
                    SEB Apple
                    KHEH Dust
                    KHED Game/play
                    KHET Farm/Cultivated land
                    KHEP Cargo/Load
                    SEJ Bed
                    SHER Lion
                    HEJ Love/Affection


courtesy: Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’

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