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Chhote Sahibzade’s Pictorial

Saka Sirhind
Martyrdom of Young Sahibzades Baba Zorawar Singh & Baba Fateh Singh

The brave and the fearless Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh were engaged for months together in a prolonged battle with the Moghul army outside the fort of Anandpur.
Emperor Aurangzebsent a message on oath that if the Guru and his Sikhs left the fort they would be allowed to go whereever they please

Guru Gobind Singh had his doubts, but, on being persuaded by his devoted Sikhs, he reluctantly agreed to leave the Fort.
However it happened exactly as the Guru had apprehended. As soon as the Sikhs came out of the fort the Moghul Army pounced upon them. A fierce battle was fought on the banks of Sirsa River. The valiant Sikhs faced the enemy with unparalleled courage. Each one of them killed quite a few Moghul soldiers before sacrificing himself.


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