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Chhote Sahibzade’s Pictorial

Saka Sirhind
Martyrdom of Young Sahibzades Baba Zorawar Singh & Baba Fateh Singh

The Nawab’s Court was in session. As the two Sahibzadas stepped inside, they greeted the courtiers with the Sikh salutation- Wah guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahguru Ji Ki Fateh
The Khalsa is God’s ownVictory be to God.
The Court resounded with their greeting. All the courtiers were greatly impressed by their fearless behaviour

Sahib Jorawar Singh & Sahib Fateh Singh were of white complexion and dressed in Kesri colored dress with Sikh daggers (Kirpaan). Nawab said " You look very beautiful . Islam will be very proud of you if you convert yourself into a Muslim".The two Sahibzadas shouted back " We are proud of our own religion". Nawab felt very angry at this"




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