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Chhote Sahibzade’s Pictorial


Chhote Sahibzade’s Pictorial

Next morning the Police constables appeared again and told Mataji that they had orders for taking the two boys to the Nawab’s Court. On an enquiry by Mataji as to why they were called there, they answered respectfully that they were not aware of the reasons, their duty was to obey orders only. Mataji embraced her grand-sons, blessed them and asked them to uphold the sacred traditions of the Gurus. The two Sahibzadas pledged to do so and departed cheerfully

The two Sahibzadas walked to the court boldly along with the constables. As they reached the Court, they noticed that the big gate was closed and there was only a small window for gaining entry to the Court. The intelligent Sahibzadas saw through the game. They put their feet forward and jumped inside through the window without bowing their heads




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