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Bards/Bhatts in Adi Granth: Bhatt Balh

Bhatt Balh

Bhatt Balh is the author of five Swaiyas written in praise of Guru Ramdas, the 4th Guru. The favourite subject of his Swaiyas has been the transmigration of the soul and continuity of the divine light from one Guru to the other. He composed poetry, surprisingly in the style and diction of Bhatt Nalh. His Swaiyas may be distributed under three distinct categories

1. Poetry dealing with transmigration of Guru Nanak’s soul to the descendants of his throne.

2. The second category comprises of the poetry dealing with the life and philosophy of the earlier Indian saints.

3. The third category includes the description of Bhakt and its culmination, resulting in the attainment of `Param Pad’.

Concentrate on the True Guru,

Whose image dispells the darkness of one’s eyes

Remembering him, one is reminded of the Lord, with all His Glory. Counting his name, ends the agony of the soul.

Concentrating on him, one is Blessed with miraculous powers,’ And the Nine Treasures of the heaven are at his disposal . Yes, Balh the bard, utter thou the name of Guru Ramdas,

Say, “victory to him”,

And enjoy forever the association of the saints. (5-54)


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