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Bards/Bhatts in Adi Granth: Bhatt Mathura

He is the author of fourteen Swaiyas, out of which seven are in praise of Guru Ramdas the 4th Guru and the other seven in praise of Guru Arjun Dev the 5th Guru. He was the great admirer of the house of Nanak and had immense faith in the Gurus. He was fully aware of the message of Gurbani (utterances of the Gurus) and has very intelligently used the typical vocabulary of the scriptures while describing the Holy Grace of the Gurus. Being a scholar, he composed his Swaiyas in the language easily understood by the masses, which in fact is the secret of his popularity. He was a staunch believer of the transmigration of soul. He starts with Guru Nanak and traces the history of the first five Masters. He goes to the extent of saying that God Himself is residing in the form of Guru Arjun Dev and God Almighty embeded His own light in the heart of Guru Nanak. He says

He passed his light on to Guru Angad
And the light merged in light.

Guru Angad with utmost humility,

Accepted Guru Amardas as the True Master. He passed on his holy canopy to Guru Ramdas Sayeth Mathura, only a glimpse of Guru Ramdas Inspired Guru Arjun to follow the trail of sublimity. The entire universe acknowledged and saluted The greatness of Guru Arjun,

Benignly bestowed by the Lord Himself.
As long as the writ of the Lord on the forehead does not reveal itself, One lost in the mist of disbeiief, keeps yearning.

The world, sunk in the deep sea of Kalyug, Disillusioned, without any hope or faith,

Says Mathura the poet, "The essence of the truth" Guru Arjun came to the world, to save all the sinners, And all those, who meditated on the Guru, – Were redeemed of the circle of births and deaths.(6)
Adi Granth p.1409

Mathura and his father Bhikkhã were among the Bhatt or Brãhman bards who at­tended upon the Gurus and who composed panegyrics in their honour. Some of their hymns were included by Guru Arjan (1563-1606) in Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sãhib. Mathurã’s fourteen verses are seven each in praise of Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjan. Their prosodic form is savaiyya. Bhatt Mathurã was also trained in martial skills during the time of Guru Hargobind (1595-1644). He fell a martyr in the battle of Amritsar which, according to Bhatt Vahi Multàni Sindhi, took place on 14 April 1634.


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