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Punjab Martyrs

Martyrs of Punjab: Index ‘A’ : Gateway to Sikhism

Martyrs of Punjab: Index ‘A”

ABDUL AHMAD : p. Mohammed b. Chakla Bhawanidas, Peshawar: was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930.

: b. v. Dhuni Dhuria, p.o. Kharian. dt. Gujrat; wax Signaler in I.A. in 9 Div. Sig; joined INA as Hav in Ist Guerrilla Regt.; was killed in action at Imphal.

ABDUL GHAFFAR: b. Mohalla Gunj. Peshawar. was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930

ABDUL GHAFFAR KHAN : p. Qatim Khan; b. Peshawar. was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930

ABDUL JALIL : p. Wawuar, b. Mohalla Takia Sangan, Peshawar; was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930.

ABDUL KHALIQ : p. Rahim Khan; b. 1859. Kucha Chamaran. Amritsar; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagh. Arnritsar, on 13.4.1919.

ABDUL MAJID : p. Bhodu Kuhar, b. Gari Khana, Peshawar; was killed in firing at Peshawar. 1930.

: b.t Satnpli, dt Rohtak; wan a Sepoy in 2/9 Jat Regt. of I A.;;oLwd I.NA.; died in enemy bombardment near Kalewa.

ABDUL REHMAN KHAN: b.v. Moira, p.o. Bhaun, dt. Jhelum; was L/ NK in Kapurthala Inf.; joined I.N.A. as Hav. in 2nd Guerrilla Regt; was killed in action.

ABDULLA : p. I.al Mohanunad; b. 1899, Katra Karen Singh, Ku cha Churion. Antritsar; was killed in firing at Jalliansuala Bagh. Amritsa on 13.4.1919.

ABDULLA : p. Pa Baksh; b. 1904, Antritsar: was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagh. Amritsar on 13.4.1919.

ABDULLA: p. Saidulla; b. Peshawar; was killed in firing at Peshawar. 1930.

ABDULLA : b. Mohalla Kaluan, Peshawar, was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930.

ABHE RAM : b.v. Mandoli, dl. Mahendergarh; served I.N.A. as L/NK: died in action.

: b. v. Pipli, p.o. SanhaL dt. Kangra; suns a sepoy in 5/ 17 Dogra Regt of INA; joined Bahadw Group of the I.N.A.; died at Tangoo

AGHA KHAN : p. Zarif Khan; b. Peshawar; was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930.

AGHA MOHAMMAD : p. Unsar Baksh; b. Mohalla Dabgari, Peshawar; was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930.

p. Msin a i. b. Moltalla Kotnla Raiutid Khan. Ilaga Gunj, Peshawar; was killed in firing at Peshawar, 1930.

AHMAD DIN: p. Dare Khan; b. 1903. outside Lohgarh Gate Antritsar, was killed in firing at Jalli:nwah Bagh, ArtviLcar on 13.4.1919.

AHMAD DIN : p. Karim Baksh: b. Kucha Kashrnrian. Anuttsu; was killed in firing at Jallianwala Bagh. Amritsar on 13 .1919

AHMAD KHAN : v. Khurala•Gamun, p.o. Rattan, ur, dt. I3eh a Gaa Khan. was in 5,14 1′. Rcgt. of LA.; joined LN.A as flav. in 3rd Guerrilla. Rcpt; died in Maymyo Hospital.

AHMADKHAN: b. v. Kunfth, dt Gujrat; was LINK, in 28 he I3&. SigJ.; joined I N.A. as Hav. in 3rd htf. Kcgt.; was killed in a:;ion at Imphal.

AHMADULLAH : p. Karim Baksh; b. I SS4, Kites AMuwalun, Kucha Kashntirian, Annt:sar; was wounded in firing at Jallianwnla Bagh. An’iecaron 13.4.1919;

AJAIB SINGH : p. Gurdil Singh: b. v. Jams Rai, t. ‘faro Tarm , dI. Amrirsnr; participated in Jaito Morcha; was arrested ana beaten to death.

AJAIB SINGH : p. Jetha Singlh; b.v. Nurixr, L ‘Cant Taran, dt Anritsar, took part in Freedom Movement; served LA; was one of the I I I mutineers who refused Govt. orders to board ship at Bombay; arrested and hanged on 6th September 1940 at SikarArabad_

AJAIB SINGH : p. liwnn Singh; b. v. Vie Pind, dt. Jullundtu; od. Prinssry; was a Civ. in Singapore; joined I.N.A. & served for 2 years; d. in action.

AJAIB SINGH : p. Sadhu Singh; b. v. & p.o. Kohala, dt Amritsar; served I.N.A. as Lt; d. at Loh= firing.

AJAIB SINGH : p. Sunder Singh: b. Y. & p.o. Kalha,1.’l’am Taros, dl. Amritsar; was a teacher in Johar Baharu; contributed 21)0 dollar to I.NA. fund; joined I.N.A. and served with Intelligence branch; sent to Malaya; was arrested by the British Force on 1.11.1943; hanged in Delhi Jail in 1944.

AJAIB SINGH : b.v. Nandpw, dl. Amritsar, served I.A. and C.I. H. as LJ NK; refused to go overseas to fight for the British cause, 1940;was court ntartialled & ordered on 28.8.19940 to be shot dead.

AJIT SING’ : p. Wattan Singh; b.v. Chandpur, p.o Patara, t. & dt. Jullundhur. Joined I.A.; Joined LN.A, in Feb. 1942 at Singapore ad died fighting for the freedom of the country.

AJMER SINGH : b.v. Dharwar, p.o. Sahncwal. dt. Ludliiana; was LA. in I.A_ in 2’12 F.F. Regt; joined I.N.A. as Major in let Rahadur (iroup: d in captivity in Red Fort, Delhi.

AKHTAR ALT : b. Mohalla Dr. Sahiq Ali, Kapurthala; was Subedar in Kapssthaln Inf.;joined I.N A. as Capt. in 2nd. Guerilla Rept; was killed in action.

AKRAM : b. dt. Peshawar, was killed in firing at Peshawar. 1930.

AKRAM KHAN : p. Ghafur; b. Mohalla Daftar Banden, Peshawar. was killed in firing at Peshawar. 1930.

ALI AKBAR : b.v. Bawati Khurd. p o. Sawni Alamgir, dt Gujrat: joated U.S.O. unit in 1945 at German Front of the I.N.A.; was shot dead by Americans at Gemsan Front.

ALI MOHD : b.s’. Chak No. 226, Malkhanwala, dl. Lyallpur; was Hasaldar in I.N.A.; d. in Lacknow Hospital due to injuries.

ALLAH DIN : p. h1OIi Bee; b.v. & p.o. Talao, dl. Rohrak; was in 2’9 Jut Re t.; served I.N A, in 3rd Guerrilla Regt.; reported ‘Shaheed.’

ALTAF 14USSAIN : b.v. Rajpur Khurd, dt. Amritsar, was sepoy in LA.: joined LN.A in Bhadur Group: was killed in action in Burma.

AMAR SINGH : p. Jassund Singh & I3asanl Kaur: b. 1920, v. Swwind, I. Patti, dt. Amritsto: cd knows Punjabi: occ. Agriculture; went to Burma m 1939 in starch of a job; joined I.N.A. in 1944 and was killed in the battle in the same year.

AMAR SINGH : p. Mola: b.v. Roorkee Khas, t. Garhshanker, de. Iloshiarpur; participated in Jairo Morcha; sulfcred 1’h years’ imprisonment in Nablta Bir Jail; severely beaten by the police; d. due to injuries.

AMAR SINGH:11 : p, Sant Singh; b.v. Pandori Nijjran, p.s. Adampur, t. & dt. Jtrllundur, was a Babbar Akali: imprisoned in 1923 in a political murdcreawe;dl during trial in Dec., 1924.

AMAR SINGH : p. Sher Singh; b.v. Laruyya, p.o. Jhir>gran, dl. Jullundur: joined I.N.A. in Malaya; fought on the Burma Front and was killed

AMAR SINGH: p. Sudan Singh; b.v. Barath, via Qadlan, L Batala, d. Gurdaspur; was in police force at Singapore; joined I.N.A. and was killed in action.

AMAR SINGH : hh v. Bilaspua, p.o. Ghora Kalan, dt Gtrrgaon; was hNKJ in LN.A.; was killed in action at Avakan.

AMAR SINGH : b. v. Misn, p.o. Dadri, dl. Mahendargarh; was sepoy in 4115 Heavy A.A ; joined I.N.A. as sepoy in 3rd Guerrilla Regt.; was killed while retreating.

AMAR SINGH : b. Paliala State; was scpoy in 4.119 Hyd. Regi. of I.A;
joined S.S. Coy. GrU of I N.A. as NK; d in Hospital.

AMAR SINGH : b.v. & p.o. Tothepat Wadala Khurd, dt. Amritsar, wys
a scpoy in LA.; joined I N.A ; was killed.

AMAR SINGH : b.v. Rewari, dt. Gurgson; was sepoy in I.A. in 4119
Hyd. Rcgt,; joined I.N.A. as LINK. in 3rd Guerrilla Regt.; wv
killed in action.

AMIN CHAND : p Prithi Nath; b.v. Muradpur. t. Ajnala. dL Amritsar, was killed in firing at Jallianwala Ilagh, Amc sar on 13.4.1919.

AMIN LAL : p. Bhoja; b.v. KLokha. t. H=i. dl. Hissir, served l.A as a Gucner No. 50?13 in the H.K.S.R.A;joined LN.A and was killed on the Arakan Front.

AMIN LAL : b. Y. Kthand, p.o. Naher, Nobha, dt. Patiala; was scpoy in I.A. in II-A.A. Regt.; joined I.N.A. as sepoy in 151. Guerrilla Rcgt.; was killed in action

AMRI CHAND (MASTER) : p. Ilukam Chard; b. 1869; belonged to Psinjab; convicted in First Delhi Conspiracy Case and hanged on I8 May 1915 in Delhi Jail.

AMIR HAYAT : b.v. Pukhsl. p.o. MaJakmnd. dt. Maid: n ; was a sepoy m
I.A.; joirxd I.N.A. as IJNK . in M.P.; was killed in a action.

AMOLAK SINGH : p. Jni at Singh. b. v. D•aduwal, par. Malnlpcr. dl IJoshiarpur, was n Babbar Akali; took part in laito Morcha; wu awarded 2 years’ RI.; d. in Jail as a result officer beating.

ARJAN SINGH : p. Anokh Singh and Raj Kaur b. 15 June, 1928, v. Sidhwan Kalan, t. Jagraon, dt. ludhiana; ed. Graduate; joined LN.A., 1944; got training from Singapore IX’p, iris was sent to Burma as Head Cleric in Gandhi Brip„ d in a bomb explosion in lirphtl 1945.

ARJAN SINGH : p. Bhnn Singhh B.hai; b.14 Feb, 1885, v. Mari. p.o. Mehruj, dt. Feroxepor; gave up service of Patiala State; took pat in G.R Ms.; joined 12th Jatha to Darks Morcha and expired oar 10 April 1932.

ARJAN SINGH : p. Nand Singh; b. v. Gore, p.o. CTalu A1 n.1. lagrao4 dt. Ludhiana; occ. Agriculture; joined LNA. in 1942; killed dot to a bomb explosion.

ARJAN SINGH : b. v. Dchn, t. Jagraon, dt. Ludhiana; took port in Jaito Motcita; d. in Nsbha Jail on 7 Cictober, 1924. ARJAN SINGH : b.v- Dhnban Singh Ooak No. 13, dl. Sl’ ikhupura; W sepoy in LA. in S. & M.; joined I.N.A. as as sepoy in 1st. Engr. Co•; was killed inaction.

ARJAN SINGH : bx. Jadco Kalan. dt. Amritsar; was a sepoy in LA., Joined the Gcrmas Front of the I.NA.: died in France in hospital

ARJAN SINGH : b. dc. Ludhiana; was a sepoy in S.P.R of IA.: joined S.O. in 1st Bahadur Group of I.NA.; was killed in Jigarkacha Cants

ARUR SINGH : p. Nihsl Sings; b. 1872, v. Jhodt an Khurd, Chak No. 10.
Lt. Sheikhp -a: was killed in Narnksna Sahib firing in 1921.

ARUR SINGH : p. Nshal Singb; b. 1886; joined Shaliidi Jatha to Nankana Sahib; was killed al Narnkana Sahib firing in 1921.

ARUR SINGH : p. Pal Singh; b. 1690; v. Sanghowa, t. & dt. Jullundhur. cd Middle, left service; was M.G.P.; tempered with the railway lines and telephone wires; murdered a traitor and 7 policemen; involved in a case of throwing bomb on Governor General at Delhi; remained underground for I IS liars; arrested in Nov. 1916 at Chulla Salub: hanged in Lahore Jail in Dec. 1917.

ARUR SINGH : p. Rode Singh, b. v. Vadala, dl. Amritsar. ooc. Carpenter, was killed in Jalltanwala Bagh, Amritsaron 13 April. 1919

ARUR SINGH : b.v. Dahela. dt. Layallpur; Joined 5th Jatha to Jaito Morcha. 192:; d. in Nabha Jail on I August, 1924.

ARURA : p. Tek Chand; b. 1889, Kucha Trwanan, Altxitsnr; was killed in firing it Jallianwalo Bagh, Amritc r on 13 April, 1919.

ASA NAND : p. Gangs Dais, b. 1898. Katra Dulo. Kucha Gsanian. Anritcar; was killed in firing at Jollianwaia Bagh. Amritsar on 13 April, 1919.

ASA SINGH : p. Ama Singh, v. & p.o. Vain Poin. t. Tam Tann, dt. Airitsar; served IN A. in Unit No. 815 of Armour Car Coy.; fuught action on Singapore Bont; d. in action.

ASA SINGH : p. Gopal Singh: b. v. Gehri, p.o. Jandiala Guru, dL Amritsar; joined I.N.A. in Singapore. was killed on the Bunna Front.

ASA SINGH : p. hhar Sinngh; b. v. Ramoki Basarke, dt. Ansntsar, was killed in Jallimwala Bah. Anuitsar on 13 April, 1919.

ASA SINGH : p. Veer Singh; b. lagatpura, L Tam’funaa. dt. Amritsa. joined 10th Jatha to Jaito Morass; underwent I years R.I. in 1921.22 in Nabha and Rawalpindi Jails; courted arrest in Daska Morcha and Kissan Mureha; was shot dead by the Military in Jagtrpur

ASA SINGH : b.v. Nathu Kae, dt. Lahore: joined 8th Jatha to jape Morcha, d, in Nabha Jail on 31 August, 1924.

ATMA SINGH : p. Hers Singh; b. 1881. v. Mustutabsd, dl. Gurdaspur, send in LA. for five year; took part in Nankana Sahib hlOrdta I92I ; was killed in tiring on 21 Fcbcwry, 1921.

ATMA SINGH : p. Jhanda Singh and Partap Kaur; b.v. Jhati Khara,dt. Amritsar. served LA in Kisala No. 11: went to China: was a passenger of Guru Nanak Ship; was interned in his village; was hanged on a charge of murderous assault on poll.

ATMA SINGH : b. v. Dera Raba Nanak, dt. Amrisar,joined I Ith Jatha
to laito Morcha; d. in Nabha Bit Jail on 31 October, 1924.

ATMA SINGH : b.v. Khoja, p.0. Rahon, dl. lullundhur; was sepoy in Kapurthala lnf; joined I.N.A. as NK. in 2nd Guerrilla Refit.; was killed in action.

ATMA SINGH : b.v. Ss>c Kalan, dt. Jhelum; was NK. in I.A. in 112 F.F. Rest , joined I.N.A. as Hav. in 2nd Guerrilla Refit. was killed in action.

AVTAR SINGH : b v. Saharan, p.o. Resari. dt. Gurgaon; ,,”6 WM in IA. in 11.A.A. Regi.; joined I.N.As as sepoy in Ist Guerrilla Refit.; was killed in action.

AVTAR SINGH : p. Ishar Sinph Marwaho: h v Dhnnahi Chslswal, dt. Jheluin; took active part in a protest precession or. May 31, 1930: received bullet injuries and died.


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