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Punjab Martyrs

Martyrs of Punjab: Hari Krishan

Hari Krishan

Born in 1912 at a small village called Ghalladher in District Mardan of North-Western Frontier Province, Hari Krishan was a proud son of Gurdas Mal, who was a great patriot and freedom fighter. He took training from his father and when he was just eighteen years old. he accompanied his cousin, Chaman Lal Kapoor to Lahore to take put in revolutionary activities. This was the time when Bhagat Singh and his comrades had been sentenced to death and were shortly to be executed Hari Kristian was introduced to Durga Das Khanna, Ranbir Singh of Daily Milap and Virendra of Daily Pratap. A plot was hatched to shoot down the Punjab Governor, Geoffrey Montmorency on December 22. 1930, when he would be presiding over the Convocation of the Punjab university, Lahore. Hari Krishan, who was proficient in pistol shooting, was elected for the task. He entered the Convocation Hall on a borrowed entry pass and carried his pistol hidden in the cavity of a book undetected by police guards. As Dr Radha Krishnan was sitting by the side of Governor. Hari Krishan delayed his work and fired only after the function when the Governor was moving out.He wounded his arm but failed to kill the Governor as the chair on which he stood disturbed the steadiness of his hand. One Sub-Inspector of Police, Chown Singh, was killed on the spot. Another Sub-Inspector of Police, Wadltawa Rain, and one English lady were wounded. Hari Krishan refused to escape and was arrested immediately and imprisoned in the Central Jail, Lahore. As a prisoner, be expressed the wish to meet Bhagat Sinsh When it was refused, he went on hunger strike. At last his wish had to be granted and Bhagat Singh was brought to his room for a few minutes. A little later, he was shifted to the Lahore Fort where be was subjected to all kinds of tortures. He was sentenced to death on January 26. 1931. The sentence being confirmed by the Punjab High Court, he was executed on June 9, 1931 in the Mianwali JaiL


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