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Bhatt Jalap also wrote under the name of Jalh. Five of his Swaiyas eulogis the 3 11. Guru are included in Adi Granth. He appears to be an intellectual, well n and having lot of knowledge of Hindu mythology. Being a true devotee of G Amardas, he preaches complete submission to him in the following Swaiya

Blessed are the feet that tread the path of Guru Amardas Blessed are the hands that touch his lotus feet

Blessed is the tongue that utters his holy name

Blessed are the eyes that behold his sacred countenance

Blessed are the ears that hear his praise

Blessed is the heart in which he abides

Blessed is the head that falls on this feet.

Specimen of poetry of Bhatt Jalap

Neither they face grief, nor hunger, nor they have depression, They get not afflicted, their excellence is beyond expression. Serve they not anyone, other than the Lord Great,

Hundred thousands of souls submit to them for their fate.

The finest of carpets role under their feet and destiny of people In their hands they hold,

Their generosity provides daily bread to some, To many they bestow with mines of gold.

Their life is always a bliss, peaceful and sweet,

They are calm in tribulation and in adversity discreet. Grace of Guru Amardas is bestowed on whom,

They prosper, says Jalap, like flowers they bloom. (1-22)

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