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Jupji Sahib

Learn Jupji Sahib Online: -The Sikh Prayers

Learn Jupji Sahib Online:

This is a presentation of Verses from Japji Sahib. First listen to the real audio clip, then read the Japji Sahib Pauries in Gurmukhi or English Transliteration. In order to listen to the audio Real Player is a requirement. The purpose of this presentation is help learn and understand Japji Sahib.

Japji Audio by Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangeela
Sukhmani Text and Translation from Gurbani CD
Download Font: GurbaniAkharThick

Mool Mantar & Pauri 1-2 Pauri 19-20
Pauri 3-4 Pauri 21-22
Pauri 5-6 Pauri 23-24
Pauri 7-8 Pauri 25-26
Pauri 9-10 Pauri 27-28
Pauri 11-12 Pauri 29-30
Pauri 13-14 Pauri 31-32
Pauri 15-16 Pauri 33-34
Pauri 17-18 Pauri 35-36
Pauri 37-38 & Shalok

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