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Sidh Ghost

Sidh Ghost

Sidh Ghost

swcO aupjY swic smwvY swcy sUcy eyk mieAw ]

saachou upjai saach samaavai saachay soochay ayk ma-i-aa.

We emerge from Truth, and merge into Truth again. The pure being merges into the One True Lord.

JUTy Awvih Tvr n pwvih dUjY Awvw gauxu BieAw ]

jhoothay aavahi thavar na paavahi doojai aavaa ga-on bha-i-aa.

The false come, and find no place of rest; in duality, they come and go.

Awvw gauxu imtY gur sbdI Awpy prKY bKis lieAw ]

aavaa ga-on mitai gur sabdee aapay parkhai bakhas la-i-aa.

This coming and going in reincarnation is ended through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad; the Lord Himself analyzes and grants His forgiveness.

eykw bydn dUjY ibAwpI nwmu rswiexu vIsirAw ]

aykaa baydan doojai bi-aapee naam rasaa-in veesri-aa.

One who suffers from the disease of duality, forgets the Naam, the source of nectar.

so bUJY ijsu Awip buJwey gur kY sbid su mukqu BieAw ]

so boojhai jis aap bujhaa-ay gur kai sabad so mukat bha-i-aa.

He alone understands, whom the Lord inspires to understand. Through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, one is liberated.

nwnk qwry qwrxhwrw haumY dUjw prhirAw ]25]

naanak taaray taaranhaaraa ha-umai doojaa parhari-aa. ||25||

O Nanak, the Emancipator emancipates one who drives out egotism and duality. ||25||

mnmuiK BUlY jm kI kwix ]

manmukh bhoolai jam kee kaan.

The self-willed manmukhs are deluded, under the shadow of death.

pr Gru johY hwxy hwix ]

par ghar johai haanay haan.

They look into the homes of others, and lose.

mnmuiK Brim BvY bybwix ]

manmukh bharam bhavai baybaan.

The manmukhs are confused by doubt, wandering in the wilderness.

vymwrig mUsY mMiqR mswix ]

vaymaarag moosai mantar masaan.

Having lost their way, they are plundered; they chant their mantras at cremation grounds.

sbdu n cInY lvY kubwix ]

sabad na cheenai lavai kubaan.

They do not think of the Shabad; instead, they utter obscenities.

nwnk swic rqy suKu jwix ]26]

naanak saach ratay sukh jaan. ||26||

O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Truth know peace. ||26||

gurmuiK swcy kw Bau pwvY ]

gurmukh saachay kaa bha-o paavai.

The Gurmukh lives in the Fear of God, the True Lord.

gurmuiK bwxI AGVu GVwvY ]

gurmukh banee agharh gharhaavai.

Through the Word of the Guru’s Bani, the Gurmukh refines the unrefined.

gurmuiK inrml hir gux gwvY ]

gurmukh nirmal har gun gaavai.

The Gurmukh sings the immaculate, Glorious Praises of the Lord.

gurmuiK pivqRü prm pdu pwvY ]

gurmukh pavitar param pad paavai.

The Gurmukh attains the supreme, sanctified status.

gurmuiK roim roim hir iDAwvY ]

gurmukh rom rom har Dhi-aavai.

The Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair of his body.

nwnk gurmuiK swic smwvY ]27]

naanak gurmukh saach samaavai. ||27||

O Nanak, the Gurmukh merges in Truth. ||27||

gurmuiK prcY byd bIcwrI ]

gurmukh parchai bayd beechaaree.

The Gurmukh is pleasing to the True Guru; this is contemplation on the Vedas.

gurmuiK prcY qrIAY qwrI ]

gurmukh parchai taree-ai taaree.

Pleasing the True Guru, the Gurmukh is carried across.

gurmuiK prcY su sbid igAwnI ]

gurmukh parchai so sabad gi-aanee.

Pleasing the True Guru, the Gurmukh receives the spiritual wisdom of the Shabad.

gurmuiK prcY AMqr ibiD jwnI ]

gurmukh parchai antar biDh jaanee.

Pleasing the True Guru, the Gurmukh comes to know the path within.

gurmuiK pweIAY AlK Apwru ]

gurmukh paa-ee-ai alakh apaar.

The Gurmukh attains the unseen and infinite Lord.

nwnk gurmuiK mukiq duAwru ]28]

naanak gurmukh mukat du-aar. ||28||

O Nanak, the Gurmukh finds the door of liberation. ||28||

gurmuiK AkQu kQY bIcwir ]

gurmukh akath kathai beechaar.

The Gurmukh speaks the unspoken wisdom.

gurmuiK inbhY sprvwir ]

gurmukh nibhai saparvaar.

In the midst of his family, the Gurmukh lives a spiritual life.

gurmuiK jpIAY AMqir ipAwir ]

gurmukh japee-ai antar pi-aar.

The Gurmukh lovingly meditates deep within.

gurmuiK pweIAY sbid Acwir ]

gurmukh paa-ee-ai sabad achaar.

The Gurmukh obtains the Shabad, and righteous conduct.

sbid Byid jwxY jwxweI ]

sabad bhayd jaanai jaanaa-ee.

He knows the mystery of the Shabad, and inspires others to know it.

nwnk haumY jwil smweI ]29]

naanak ha-umai jaal samaa-ee. ||29||

O Nanak, burning away his ego, he merges in the Lord. ||29||

gurmuiK DrqI swcY swjI ]

gurmukh Dhartee saachai saajee.

The True Lord fashioned the earth for the sake of the Gurmukhs.

iqs mih Epiq Kpiq su bwjI ]

tis meh opat khapat so baajee.

There, he set in motion the play of creation and destruction.

gur kY sbid rpY rMgu lwie ]

gur kai sabad rapai rang laa-ay.

One who is filled with the Word of the Guru’s Shabad enshrines love for the Lord.

swic rqau piq isau Gir jwie ]

saach rata-o pat si-o ghar jaa-ay.

Attuned to the Truth, he goes to his home with honor.

swc sbd ibnu piq nhI pwvY ]

saach sabad bin pat nahee paavai.

Without the True Word of the Shabad, no one receives honor.

nwnk ibnu nwvY ikau swic smwvY ]30]

naanak bin naavai ki-o saach samaavai. ||30||

O Nanak, without the Name, how can one be absorbed in Truth? ||30||

gurmuiK Ast isDI siB buDI ]

gurmukh asat siDhee sabh buDhee.

The Gurmukh obtains the eight miraculous spiritual powers, and all wisdom.

gurmuiK Bvjlu qrIAY sc suDI ]

gurmukh bhavjal taree-ai sach suDhee.

The Gurmukh crosses over the terrifying world-ocean, and obtains true understanding.

gurmuiK sr Apsr ibiD jwxY ]

gurmukh sar apsar biDh jaanai.

The Gurmukh knows the ways of truth and untruth.

gurmuiK privriq nrivriq pCwxY ]

gurmukh parvirat narvirat pachhaanai.

The Gurmukh knows worldliness and renunciation.

gurmuiK qwry pwir auqwry ]

gurmukh taaray paar utaaray.

The Gurmukh crosses over, and carries others across as well.

nwnk gurmuiK sbid insqwry ]31]

naanak gurmukh sabad nistaaray. ||31||

O Nanak, the Gurmukh is emancipated through the Shabad. ||31||

nwmy rwqy haumY jwie ]

naamay raatay ha-umai jaa-ay.

Attuned to the Naam, the Name of the Lord, egotism is dispelled.

nwim rqy sic rhy smwie ]

naam ratay sach rahay samaa-ay.

Attuned to the Naam, they remain absorbed in the True Lord.

nwim rqy jog jugiq bIcwru ]

naam ratay jog jugat beechaar.

Attuned to the Naam, they contemplate the Way of Yoga.

nwim rqy pwvih moK duAwru ]

naam ratay paavahi mokh du-aar.

Attuned to the Naam, they find the door of liberation.

nwim rqy iqRBvx soJI hoie ]

naam ratay taribhavan sojhee ho-ay.

Attuned to the Naam, they understand the three worlds.

nwnk nwim rqy sdw suKu hoie ]32]

naanak naam ratay sadaa sukh ho-ay. ||32||

O Nanak, attuned to the Naam, eternal peace is found. ||32||


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