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Sukhmani Sahib

Sukhmani Sahib-The Sikh Prayers


Sukhmani Sahib Asthapadee 06 Pauree 5-6

ijh pRswid krih puMn bhu dwn ]

jih parsaad karahi punn baho daan.

By His Grace, you give donations in abundance to charities;

 mn AwT phr kir iqs kw iDAwn ]

man aath pahar kar tis kaa Dhi-aan.

O mind, meditate on Him, twenty-four hours a day.

 ijh pRswid qU Awcwr ibauhwrI ]

jih parsaad too aachaar bi-uhaaree.

By His Grace, you perform religious rituals and worldly duties;

 iqsu pRB kau swis swis icqwrI ]

tis parabh ka-o saas saas chitaaree.

think of God with each and every breath.

 ijh pRswid qyrw suMdr rUpu ]

jih parsaad tayraa sundar roop.

By His Grace, your form is so beautiful;

 so pRBu ismrhu sdw AnUpu ]

so parabh simrahu sadaa anoop.

constantly remember God, the Incomparably Beautiful One.

 ijh pRswid qyrI nIkI jwiq ]

jih parsaad tayree neekee jaat.

By His Grace, you have such high social status;

 so pRBu ismir sdw idn rwiq ]

so parabh simar sadaa din raat.

remember God always, day and night.

 ijh pRswid qyrI piq rhY ]

jih parsaad tayree pat rahai.

By His Grace, your honor is preserved;

 gur pRswid nwnk jsu khY ]5]

gur parsaad naanak jas kahai. ||5||

by Guru’s Grace, O Nanak, chant His Praises. ||5||

 ijh pRswid sunih krn nwd ]

jih parsaad suneh karan naad.

By His Grace, you listen to the sound current of the Naad.

 ijh pRswid pyKih ibsmwd ]

jih parsaad paykheh bismaad.

By His Grace, you behold amazing wonders.

 ijh pRswid bolih AMimRq rsnw ]

jih parsaad boleh amrit rasnaa.

By His Grace, you speak ambrosial words with your tongue.

 ijh pRswid suiK shjy bsnw ]

jih parsaad sukh sehjay basnaa.

By His Grace, you abide in peace and ease.

 ijh pRswid hsq kr clih ]

jih parsaad hasat kar chaleh.

By His Grace, your hands move and work.

 ijh pRswid sMpUrn Plih ]

jih parsaad sampooran faleh.

By His Grace, you are completely fulfilled.

 ijh pRswid prm giq pwvih ]

jih parsaad param gat paavahi.

By His Grace, you obtain the supreme status.

 ijh pRswid suiK shij smwvih ]

jih parsaad sukh sahj samaaveh.

By His Grace, you are absorbed into celestial peace.

 AYsw pRBu iqAwig Avr kq lwghu ]

aisaa parabh ti-aag avar kat laagahu.

Why forsake God, and attach yourself to another?

 gur pRswid nwnk min jwghu ]6]

gur parsaad naanak man jaagahu. ||6||

By Guru’s Grace, O Nanak, awaken your mind! ||6||


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